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Hello everyone,

I am stepping down as moderator of Robot Big Bang. If anyone would like to take over the community, please let me know and I'd be happy to pass the community over.

Thanks everyone, much love.
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Fic: Lily (author: del-rion | fandom: Iron Man (Marvel Cinematic Universe) | rating: mature)

(I hope posting this is okay: I didn't make the draft deadline, but I finished the story in time - even made a complementary banner! - and here it is, if anyone's interested...)

Title: Lily [find story here!]
Author: del_rion
Beta: mythras_fire
Fandom: Iron Man (MCU)
Timeline: Takes place between “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2”
Genre: Drama
Rating: M / FRM / R
Characters: J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony Stark (Iron Man), Tony’s bots (DUM-E & U). Also: Happy Hogan, Pepper Potts, James “Rhodey” Rhodes.
Summary: Tony Stark is famous – and infamous – for many an adventure, but there are some stories that have never reached the shared consensus of the public – like the “sex bot incident”.
Complete. Part of “Genius, AI & Bots” series.
Warnings: Language, sexual references, canonical violence.
Word count: 10 915
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Drafts Are Almost Due!

Hey everyone, draft time is basically upon us!


  • Drafts are due by midnight @ your local time on Saturday, 27th September.

  • Attach your draft (minimum 7k) to an email and send to

  • You will receive a a confirmation email back when your draft has been received and there are no further questions

  • Fill out the following information and put in the body of the email:


  • Claims are going to be open 29 September at 10 am EST (GMT-5), right here in your friendly neighbourhood Robot Bang Community.

  • Remember that the preview post of summaries will go up on 28 September so you can sneak peek the ones you are interested in and so you will have time to get a friend to claim for you if you're not around when the claiming opens (summaries will be numbered, it'll basically be foolproof).

  • I hope you're as excited as I am!

  • Please do not hesitate to email ( or PM me if there are any questions, concerns, comments, or inquiries.

  • ♥♥♥
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Writer Check In, Round 3

Hey everyone, how you doing? Well, I hope. I have really been struggling with my piece for this. Think I might stick to fanmixes, since I never seem to be stuck there. Music makes me feel good, writing confuses and angers me ;)

So. Here's a very informal author check in. No rules, no regulations. Just drop a line and let us know how it's going, if you've started, if you've finished, share a word count or a short snippet, if the mood strikes.

Still plenty of time before rough drafts are due, I have faith in everyone <3
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Writer Sign Ups :: Round Three

Writer Sign Ups

If you're interested in writing for Robot Big Bang, we're super interested in having you!

Just fill out the form below in a comment and then get to writing. There's an FAQ here, and the mod can be contacted in a comment on the FAQ, via PM, or by way of email to if you have any additional questions.

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Artist Sign Ups :: Round Three

Artist Sign Ups

If you're interested in making art for Robot Big Bang, we're super interested in having you!

Just fill out the form below in a comment and get stoked. There's an FAQ here, and the mod can be contacted in a comment on the FAQ, via PM, or by way of email to if you have any additional questions.

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Teen Wolf - Cyberwolf

Title: Cyberwolf
Author: miya_morana
Artist: looneyngilo2
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Relationship(s)/Characters: Peter/Stiles
Word Count: 11017
Rating: PG-13
Warnings + Content Notes: a little bit of gory imagery, show-typical violence, big age difference
There are many ways to cheat death if you have the knowledge and the resources, Peter had once said. When your best friends are werewolves and banshees and hunters, who somehow always manage to get mixed up in one life-threatening supernatural mess or another, the idea of cheating death is not something you can easily put aside. So Stiles looks it up.
Peter is probably the person who deserve the least to benefit from all the work Danny and him put into this. But when he dies, it occurs to them that he's the perfect one to test their theories on. And so, Peter comes back from the dead again, this time as a cybernetic werewolf.

Link to fic master post: here
Link to art master post:here
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In Just Seven Days (I Can Make You a Man) - Supernatural

Title: In Just Seven Days (I Can Make You a Man)
Author: bellacatbee
Artist: looneynglio2
Fandom: Supernatural
Relationship(s)/Characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel
Word Count: 12,800 words
Rating: NC-17
Warnings + Content Notes: Explicit sexual content, human/robot relationship and the implications of them.
Summary: Androids are designer toys for rich people. Castiel wouldn’t have one, except that his brother, Gabriel, builds them for a living. Gabriel designs him an Android as a gift and sends him to Castiel. Dean, the android, is uncannily human and Castiel finds himself actually enjoying his time with Dean. That is, until Gabriel visits them and reveals that Dean is acting against his programming. Dean shouldn’t have thoughts or feelings. He shouldn’t have preferences or emotions. Dean is broken and Gabriel wants to deactivate him for Castiel’s own safety

Link to fic master post: Here!
Link to art master post: Here!