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Robots and cyborgs and androids, oh my!

A fandom challenge for the mechanical things in life

A Fandom Challenge for Robots, Cyborgs, Androids,
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Welcome to the Robot Big Bang Challenge!

This is a pan-fandom challenge for writers to come up with a story, minimum 10,000 words, centered around the theme of robots (and various other robot-related things like androids, cyborgs, and the like). After the writing period is complete, artists of any flavour are welcome to claim the stories that meet their fancy and create art to accompany and complement the stories, and then both pieces will be posted together for maximum levels of super.

Your mod for this challenge is unavoidedcrisis, who can be reached through PM or at robobangmod@gmail.com.

Round two is ON NOW! Come join us!

Fruitstyle designs
by Malionette